What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy involving hypnosis which focuses a client’s imagination and subconscious to help bring about positive changes to their thoughts, feelings or behaviour. Hypnosis is a very natural and relaxed state and we all go into hypnosis on a daily basis, including just before we go to sleep and just after we have woken up. This is the time when the mind is in its most focused and resourceful state, when any positive suggestions that you give to your mind will have maximum effect.

Hypnotherapy bypasses the conscious mind and speaks directly to the subconscious where the ‘normal’ barriers no longer exist. In traditional treatments that include therapy, the conscious or “critical” mind will often question, doubt or even deny the suggestions made by the therapist. In hypnotherapy, all that is bypassed so that the suggestions go directly into the mind without being denied or influenced at all by the client.

The subconscious mind stores all of our skills, memories and habits. If we have been given messages at a young age, which are unconsciously having a negative impact on us today, the memories / root causes can be accessed through hypnotherapy and then new positive messages can be provided. Furthermore, we can often struggle to break habits that have formed using willpower alone. Hypnotherapy and NLP are the only therapies that work directly at the subconscious level and the combination is extremely effective in providing rapid transformational change. NLP techniques work to destroy a habit or association and create new behaviours, and hypnotherapy will in-bed the new behaviours and positive messages in the subconscious mind.