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Welcome to The Hampshire Hypnotherapy Clinic: Award Winning Certified Trainers, Master Practitioners & Practitioners of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique and Life Coaching.

Specialising in issues relating to stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, confidence, phobias, addictions, habits and more.

Providing expert and advanced face to face and online sessions
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We help people worldwide, working face to face and online with clients from both this country and international clients.

Why choose us?

As award winning Certified Trainers, Master Practitioners and Practitioners of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Life Coaching, we are experts within our field. We have over 20 years’ experience in working with issues relating to mental health and personal well-being and our unique and specialist approach combines our experience and qualifications in the following:

  • Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and Life Coaching to trainer and master practitioner level
  • Expert advanced hypnotherapy techniques that work to address and heal issues at the root cause
  • HeartHealing: a revolutionary, integrative healing approach
  • Psychology and Counselling
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focused Techniques
  • Supervision, Coaching and Mentoring

Through using a variety of specialist tested and proven techniques, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke programmes and packages, designed to meet your individual needs, supporting you in realising your true potential, both personally and professionally. We offer rapid transformational change, you will gain maximum benefit from our advanced level of expertise, and our clients consistently notice and experience a positive difference in a short space of time.

If you wish to make a change in your life, break free of something, or simply feel stuck and are uncertain about how to move forward, we are here to help you.

Whether it be a lack of self-esteem or confidence, a fear or phobia, a weight management or eating issue, a substance use problem or habit, past trauma or abuse, stress, anxiety or depression, relationship issues, bereavement or anything else, we can help you make the changes that you want to make so that you can live the life you want to live.

Come and join us on a journey of self-discovery and personal development to make your future the best that it can be.

Our Mission

“To transform thousands of lives by providing life changing programmes designed to help you become the best you can be and live the life that you want to live”
Bobby-Jo Bottomley

We specialise in providing first-class hypnotherapy sessions to our clients. We combine hypnotherapy with NLP and EFT to achieve optimum results as quickly as possible. We deliver these within a coaching process and relationship with our clients.

All of our packages include the following:

  • A free audio recording to the value of £29
  • Free ‘live’ audio recordings of your sessions
  • Bespoke sessions designed to meet your individual needs
  • Unlimited telephone and email contact between sessions
  • Free access to useful resources

Our Well-Being Services


Self-Esteem & Confidence


Stress, Anxiety & Depression


Fears & Phobias


Weight Management

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Exam Nerves

Performance & Exam Nerves

We are able to help you with many different issues including:

  • Anxiety Disorders: Generalised anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, obsessive compulsive disorder, health anxiety disorder, panic disorder
  • Trauma and Abuse: Sexual, physical, and emotional abuse and bullying, post traumatic stress disorder
  • Habits: Nail biting, teeth grinding, hair pulling, skin picking, mouth chewing, blushing, bed wetting, stuttering
  • Fears & Phobias: Flying, dentist, needles, heights, emetophobia (fear or being sick), animals
  • Unwanted behaviours: Smoking, vaping, substance use, shopping
  • Weight management issues and problems relating to eating
  • Unwanted Conditions: Migraines, sweating, tinnitus, skin conditions
  • Unwanted Emotions: Guilt, bereavement, anger, jealousy, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, lack of motivation


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Clinic awards:

  • Most Innovative Mental Health Service in England 2022: Mental Health Awards. Awarded by Global Health & Pharma
  • Clinic of the Year 2018: Awarded for outstanding performance as a practitioner by the NLP Coaching Company

Here’s what Our Clients have to Say

The Hampshire Hypnotherapy Clinic, founded by Bobby-Jo Bottomley, is without doubt the best therapy centre in Hampshire, unrivalled in professionalism, etiquette, service and the ability to change clients lives in just a handful of sessions. Highly recommended.

Mark Shields, Hitchin, UK

I found the whole experience of attending The Hypnotherapy Clinic a tremendous experience. At my first visit I was suffering badly with panic attacks. I had four treatments, concentrating on different areas of my problem and by the end of the sessions I felt relaxed, happy and very relieved. I now feel confident that I can cope with any situation and remain in control of my feelings. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the lovely caring treatment I received.

Sandra Simpson, Ringwood, UK

The Hampshire Hypnotherapy Clinic and specifically senior therapist Bobby-Jo Bottomley, has a way of tapping in to your soul and bringing out the best part of you. Her professional and caring way in which she supports you through your journey is of the highest standard. I would recommend her and the clinic to anyone who is looking to achieve change or live free from the burden they may be carrying.

Jason Poole, Essex, UK

During the pandemic I started suffering with panic attacks and severe anxiety. I needed help…..and I came to the Hampshire Hypnotherapy Clinic. I came away with loads of new tools to help me with my panic and my anxiety. Before I came for sessions it was absolutely horrendous. I woke up some days not wanting to be here. I thought ‘there’s no way I can live like this’ and since coming it’s totally changed that. I’ve got my tools that I’ll always have, I listen to my recordings…..I’m so glad I came. My first phone call, I spoke with Bobby-Jo, and I instantly knew that was where I wanted to come for help and I’m really glad I did. You have given me my life back so I can’t thank you enough.

Debbie Saunders, Portsmouth, UK

After years of anxiety, overwhelming overthinking and a sense of feeling lost within myself I had finally had enough and reached out to The Hampshire Hypnotherapy Clinic. Well, I can honestly say I believe it has changed my life. I now have direction, understanding and the tools I need to take back control of my life and feel so much more in control of my emotions. I really couldn’t recommend enough. Thank you.

Stevie Renders, Portsmouth, UK

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What if I do not receive my audio recording / package email?
If you do not receive your purchase for any reason please do not worry.  We are here to help you and together we will resolve the issue.  The first thing we recommend is for you to check your junk or spam mail folder on your email.  Your email provider may have popped it into one of these folders to try and protect you from unwanted emails.

If it is not in either of these folders and has still not arrived, please send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible to ensure that you get your therapies.

How do I listen to MP3s?

Once you have ordered an MP3, you will receive an email with a link, where you can download the hypnosis recording as an MP3 file and listen to it whenever you wish.  Our audio recordings are 100% compatible with all modern-day devices including mobile phones, computers and tablets.

Normally once you have downloaded the audio recording, after approximately 10 minutes it will appear in the “downloads” or “files” section.  You can search these folders and check if it is there, including creating your own folders or files to save the audio recordings, and any PDFs and worksheets, into.

 If you are continuing to have issues, please feel free to email us at and we will be more than happy to assist you.

What is hypnosis?

If you imagine a staircase with wide awake being at the top and fast asleep being at the bottom, hypnosis is the bit in between.  Hypnosis is a very natural and relaxed state and we are all naturally in the state of hypnosis on a daily basis, including just before we go to sleep and just after we have woken up. This is the time when your mind is in its most focused and resourceful state, when any positive suggestions that you give to your mind will have maximum effect.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy involving hypnosis which focuses your imagination and subconscious to help bring about positive changes to your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  All of your skills, memories and habits are stored in your subconscious mind, therefore in order to change thinking or behavioural habits in the longer-term, it can be necessary to address them at a subconscious level.  Hypnotherapy also bypasses the conscious mind and speaks directly to the subconscious where the ‘normal’ barriers no longer exist.

In traditional treatments that include therapy, the conscious or “critical” mind will often question, doubt or even deny the suggestions made by the therapist.  In hypnotherapy, all that is bypassed so that the suggestions go directly into your mind, without analysis or filtering, and as long as the suggestions made are to your benefit, your mind will accept them.  The language of the subconscious is imagination, so we work with your imagination to help you achieve your goals.

Does hypnotherapy work?

In short, yes, hypnotherapy works.  However, levels of success will be influenced by your susceptibility to it and by your completion of recommended actions.  You can increase your susceptibility through practice by listening to audio recordings on a regular basis.

Hypnotherapy does not work if you do not want to be hypnotised, you are not open to it, or you do not want the intended outcomes of the session.

What is the trance like state of hypnosis like?

The “trance state” is a natural state of mind that many of us encounter in everyday life on a regular basis.  Have you ever driven your vehicle somewhere and when you got to your destination, you cannot consciously remember parts of your journey?  Have you ever been so engrossed in a movie, tv programme or book that when someone enters the same room or speaks to you, it takes a while for you to realise that they are there?  You have entered into hypnosis!

During hypnotherapy, the hypnotherapist induces the trance state.  Some people go into hypnosis very quickly and are able to enter into a very deep level of relaxation.  If you are very susceptible to hypnosis, it may be the case that you cannot remember parts of, or most of, the session afterwards.  The majority of people remain aware of their surroundings including background noises, although you may find that your mind wanders away from Bobby-Jo’s voice at times.  If this is the case do not worry.  Her voice will go with the subconscious part of your mind.

You may also find that your conscious mind ‘kicks in’ at times and tries to analyse, question the process, or thinks about what you are going to have for dinner!  If this is the case, do not fight the thoughts; just allow them to drift in and drift out again in their own time, knowing that it is perfectly normal.  Most people find that the more frequently you practice self-hypnosis, the better you become at it and the more susceptible you are.

How will I know when I am in hypnosis?

There are various signs of hypnosis and you may experience one of them or several.  Signs of hypnosis can be disconcerting if you are not aware that they can happen, which is why we have listed them below.  They are all very normal and include:

  • The rate of your breathing slowing down
  • A drop in your body temperature
  • Parts of your body, particularly your hands and / or feet going hot or cold
  • Tingling, numbness or pins and needles in the hands and / or feet
  • An increase in swallowing
  • Feeling very heavy and that you cannot move (you can move but it can feel like you can’t)
  • Movement in your digestive system as your stomach and bowel muscles relax
  • Feeling as though you are floating
  • Your body going very still or alternatively, you may experience twitching and sudden movements
Is hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is a perfectly natural occurring state that we all go into on a daily basis and it is generally very safe.  You may have heard myths, for example, about people not being able to wake up.  Even if you do not awaken when you are counted up out of hypnosis, your body will naturally awaken you and bring you out of hypnosis.  Furthermore, your subconscious mind is your best friend.  It works tirelessly on your behalf for your survival and it will not accept any suggestions that it does not consider to be positive and in your best interests.

 Do not use hypnotherapy if you have psychosis or certain types of personality disorder, as it could make your condition worse.  If this is the case, check with your GP first and it is also advisable to consult your GP if you have epilepsy (although it is generally considered to be safe for people with epilepsy).

Are there any side effects from hypnosis?

The main side effects are the beneficial ones of feeling more relaxed afterwards and more positive about whatever it was that you sought hypnotherapy for.  Some sessions can leave you feeling a bit emotional afterwards but this will settle in time and you will receive the benefits of that session.  You may experience a slightly groggy, dazed state immediately after awakening but this should pass after approximately 10 minutes.  With this in mind, we recommend that you give yourself plenty of time to fully awaken before driving or doing anything that requires your focus and concentration. 

What is included in the self-hypnosis recording(s)?

In the various self-hypnosis recordings, we provide you with positive suggestions and some of the recordings include a tool for you to use and practice between sessions.  We will also ask you to use your wonderful imagination and facilitate some powerful techniques, which will always be to your benefit and focused on the positive intentions and desired outcomes of the session or package.

How frequently should I listen to the recording(s)?

Research indicates that it takes a minimum of 21 days to create a new habit.  We therefore recommend, if possible, that you listen to a recording every day for a minimum of 21 days, or if this is not possible, undertake an activity on a daily basis that reinforces the intended outcomes.  If you have purchased one of our 30 Day Packages, this comes with instructions for use.

Is there a limit to the amount of recording sessions I should listen to per day?

We suggest a maximum of two per day, with a break of an hour or more between recordings.  Any more than that may cause confusion and dilute the content and effectiveness of the sessions.

Does it matter if I fall asleep?

You may find that you drift into difference levels of awareness, including drifting into sleep.  If this is the case, it is likely that you will wake up when Bobby-Jo counts you up and out of hypnosis and if you do not, you will naturally awaken when your mind and body is ready for you to.  However, in the event that you have commitments afterwards, we recommend that you set an alarm to awaken you.

What should I do if I need a drink during hypnosis?

If you are feeling thirsty in hypnosis, it is perfectly safe to open your eyes, raise yourself into an upright position, have and swallow some water, lower yourself into a reclined position again and close your eyes.  You will naturally and gently re-enter hypnosis.  We recommend that you do this as opposed to continuing to feel thirsty as this will distract you from the session.

What should I do if I need the toilet during hypnosis?

We recommend that you go to the toilet before you start your hypnosis session.  If you do need the toilet during the session, it is ok to open your eyes and make your way slowly and gently to your bathroom.  Just be careful and do not rush the process.

Is it safe to use hypnosis audio recordings whilst pregnant?

Yes, regular deep relaxation will be of benefit to both you and your baby during pregnancy.

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